A collection of projects I participated including side projects, startups and courseworks

Type: Side project, Open source, Coursework

Mini Twitter

Roles: Creator

Technical stack: Rust, Tokio, Redis, Postgres, Rayon

The project is made for "CS4300: Large-scale Information Storage & Retrieval" of Northeastern University. It is a minimal version of Twitter backend. The end goal of this project is to show how bad is relational database in handling large connected data which is solved by NoSQL databases.

Type: Side project, Open source

Roles: Creator

Technical stack: Rust, Gremlin, RocksDB, Redb, Tokio (in development)

An embedded and distributed Gremlin-compatible graph database written in Rust. SolomonDB can be used as a layer to config embedded storage as a graph database using GQL (Gremlin query language). Apache TinkerPop is not required to traverse graphs, all can be operated directly and rapidly on disk or in memory.

Type: Side project, Open source


Roles: Creator

Technical stack: Rust, TUI, RocksDB, Redb, TiKV

EDMA or Embedded Database Management for All is an interactive database management tool specified for embedded databases. It supports multiple storage engine like RocksDB or TiKV. Integrate with EDMA is easy as it is open source and it follows Adapter pattern for storage engines. EDMA is a terminal app so it is light weight and compatible with every operating system.

Type: Cofound, Startup, Full-time


Roles: Co-founder, Lead Engineer

Technical stack: Solana, Blockchain, Rust, Typescript, NodeJS, Aptos, Move, AWS DynamoDB, AWS Lambda, AWS Cloudwatch, NestJS

Snowflake is a Solana startup offers multisig solution and reliable on-chain automation platform. About products:

Type: Startup, Full-time job


Roles: Software Engineer

Technical stack: Lightning Network, Typescript, NodeJS, GraphQL, TypeGraphQL, Docker, Microservice, Apollo Server, Ethereum

Neutronpay was founded by long time bitcoin and payments professionals with the idea anyone with the ambition and ability to offer a product or service should be able to engage with the global market with an internet connection. With the rise of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, businesses now have a faster and safer way to accept and send payments than ever before.

What I learn from this project?

Type: Competition, Hackathon, Side project


Roles: Co-creator

Technical stack: Ethereum, Metamask, Solidity, React, Typescript, SCSS, Truffle.js

OBAY development team recognized the big flaw of the traditional fund management system is the process of ambiguous transferring funds process and lack of transparency in portfolio management. Therefore, the target communities OBAY aims at are the ventures, the group of investors (scaling from low to high), small-cap fund and large-cap fund, and the crowdfunding partners

Type: Coursework, Side project


Roles: Creator

Technical stack: Dart, Typescript, GraphQL, Flutter, WebRTC, NestJS

Ramen is a TikTok like application written in Dart and Typescript as backend programming language. Using WebRTC with configured TURN/STUN server for network handshaking.

What I learn from this project?

Type: Coursework, Side project


Roles: Co-creator

Technical stack: Pixi.js, Javascript, Browserify, Webpack

DriveX is the university coursework developed to track the behavior of Uber drivers and customers. Moreover, optimizing the performance of an existing simulator with a better user interface, analytics dashboard and shortest pathfinding algorithm.

What I learn from this project?

Type: Coursework

Course Management App 

Roles: Creator

Technical stack: Java

A course management app made for course assignments. Written in Java and applied different design patterns: Command Design Pattern, Builder Design Pattern. Including features: read/write CSV, CLI to CRUD data from database. This is a part of a course "Software Architecture and Design" in RMIT University.

Type: Coursework, Simulation

Predator-Prey Simulation

The project is made for "CS3520: Programming with C++" of Northeastern University. It simulate the habitats of ants and doodlebugs following Object Oriented Designed.