Me, myself and I

There is no right choice! 

14th December, 2022

This video comes to me unexpectedly at the right time I'm preparing for my upcoming exchange program to the US. It is basically a very random and normal 20 minutes Youtube video. However, it is the answer for all of my always question "What If?". If you are an overthinking person, you would understand the feeling of uncertainty whenever you are put between two choices. 

What if I chose left but not right, I chose zero but not one, I chose up but not down...The "What If?" question is the most desperate question someone can ask themself. This question usually appears when someone try to escape from the present. The conflict of choice is the best way for us to make an excuse for the chaos and wrong decision we made. But the point is...there is no wrong decision, there isn't good option or bad option, there is just an OPTION. An option is not there because it is right, it is there for us to make it right.

I have been overthinking about the choices of career path. Even the decision to study abroad or not, it haunts me every single day. The video is a painkiller pushes me back to the right track!

Best wishes to you, to me and to all of us.

Tin Chung


14th December, 2018

Prediction came to be “verite”, flabbergasting moment can’t last forever. When the ray of hope is being blown, there are fragments of belief be more and more flawless. Liver, lung, heart, guts,...blood is flowing with the heat waves through the body. 

That was when I realized that only virtual world can make we forget about the reality, the world out there. Deep down sabotaging the productivity and all the triumphs are seem like nothing significant. Weak..!

The Beauty of Art

2nd September, 2018

No marketing use here so hope that it’s not a copyright infringement of borrowing this picture. Besides being an English teacher, Kevin is also an enthusiastic photographer. Yesterday, I was taught about ART which I always simply described “beautiful”. 

The picture above is one of the masterpieces of installation art. It’s a combination of photography and graphic design. That’s in genres of a contemporary art. As a rule, artworks aren’t obsolete, they are always changed to be suitable with the inclination of society and displayed in different forms such as hologram or 3D. It’s apparent that art can also represents the history and culture of one place through its provenance. Kevin showed me some pictures in his collection, and those overwhelmingly amazed me. 

He said: “The true value of artworks could not be seen in one side, you have to see them as deep as you can with a whole heart”. 

Art stimulates our creativity and has a special role in becoming a vehicle for artists to express their feelings. I have indulged a dream on traveling around the world to engage with the world of art and see how art have exerted influences to our society.